Aaron and Alyson At The Brick

Well long time no see! It's been sometime since I've blogged, but for good reason! Life has been super busy, super amazing, and super full of lots of changes! Besides that, I've been busy traveling around the world and booking amazing clients for this upcoming wedding season! Life is really good and my heart is super full. I'm sure you noticed my site is different! I needed a little change to accompany the fact that I am always changing and this new update fits just right :)

Most importantly, I've been dying to show you the lovely wedding of Aaron and Alyson. Two people that welcomed Jordan and I in on their amazing love filled day. And it was so full...I can barely stand it! Their day was cold but that didn't stop the beautiful moments that took place throughout the day. Some people are destined to spend a lifetime together, and I can't wait to see what Aaron and Alyson's lifetime will look like. Here is a glimpse at the first day of their story.