Liz and Aaron // Red Tail Farm

I know I weren't expecting this but I blogged again! WHAT!? I'm shocked too :) But I wanted to take some time even though it is super busy to show you all this beautiful wedding. When life gets hectic, I have a bad habit of stressing out and binge watching Netflix to try and forget about my worries. Lately, I'm trying to immerse myself in the hectic and find every ounce of good in it as possible. Even though I have lots of photos to edit, I wanted to take this time to soak in this beautiful day and allow you all to as well. These kind of weddings are my absolute favorite to photograph. Simple details, laid back couple, and a perfect outdoor Indiana setting. When the rain was coming down that morning, not a single person showed an ounce of stress about it. When rain drops fell at the start of the ceremony, not a single person moved. And when the sun opened up as Liz walked down the aisle, you could feel the divine love that surrounded this couple and this day. All was well this day.