Katie and Brian // Married

Shut the front door...I am blogging? This feels so foreign to me these days! You guys...life is really crazy right now and I apologize because this might be the only blog post you see for the rest of the summer. Phew...life with a 7 month old and running a business and "trying" to keep the house clean (AKA...it's not clean at all) and attempting to have something for dinner besides Taco Bell every night....well you get the picture. It's all hard and messy and beautiful and I'm trying really hard not to complain because I have a beautiful spunky daughter, a business to call my own, a big beautiful house to shelter my family, and food available at every moment. It's all about perspective for me these days and becoming a mother has made me even more emotional and cheesy than I ever thought possible. Just ask my husband...he listens to my "big life" talks every night :) Love you babe!!! 

I'm obviously alone with a baby every day because I just talked your ear off! Let's get to Katie and Brian...because my goodness was this weekend GOOD. SO SO GOOD. Katie and Brian come from a very special circle of people that we have the honor of being friends with from college. So this day felt like a big college reunion in a way...even though it made Jordan and I feel very old because we had graduated college before a lot of these young folks even got there! Regardless, everything about this weekend was so familiar and wonderful for us. The Mennonite hymns and ceremony, the celebration of music and love, the epic dance party, the choreographed dances, wearing her mother's wedding dress, photographs on the beach...all of it was a beautiful reflection of the life Katie and Brian will live together. Not to mention we got to bring Elodie up to northern Michigan with us to because she has the most amazing grandparents! So the whole weekend was wonderful for so many reasons, but my favorite part was getting to witness this amazing couple profess their love to each other in front of their favorite people in their favorite place. I feel so grateful they chose me to capture their story...even when the days are hard in this business...people and stories like this make it all worth it! (P.S...the photos at the end were taken the day after the wedding because HECK YES! Why not!?)