Liz and Aaron // Engaged

Hello Summer! I'm currently sitting inside in the cool air with a sleeping baby while a storm rolls through...thankful for shelter and very thankful for air conditioning. Holy cow it's hot out there folks! Life has been extremely good lately, lots of photoshoots. Lots of baby snuggles and baby giggles echoing through the house. Life is very very good. I'm starting to get the hang of working  full time at home while full time "mom"ing at home. Both take a lot of patience and hard work, I've never had TWO full time jobs before you guys and it is definitely an adjustment. I've mastered being productive in short bursts while Elodie naps. Not an easy task by any means :) However, in the midst of all the crazy, I am so so thankful that I CAN do both of those jobs. Both are very important to me and both bring me a lot of joy! I know a lot of people who don't get the opportunity to do both, so I'm constantly reminding myself of how lucky I am on a daily basis. 

Speaking of wonderfulness... I've been so excited to show you this session. Liz and Aaron invited me to their family home which will be their first home as a married couple. What a special place this little home will be for them. We also took photos with the simple bicycle that sparked their first meeting and thus started a wonderful life long friendship and soon to be marriage. So many special things were included in this session for a truly special pair. I can't wait for their wedding later this summer, if it was anything like this will be full of laughter and love! Wow...I am the cheesiest :)