Jeff and Natasha // Australia Wedding

As a write up this post it is extremely cold outside and I am quickly making my way through a box of Kleenex and and a bag of cough drops. Regardless of all that, I have been dying to show you these images. 2014 was a year of big changes for our little Druber family when it comes to our careers. Exciting things happened, heartbreaking things happened, opportunities came, and tough decisions were made. And within all that we've really focused on paying attention to what we want to live our lives doing, what dreams we want to pursue and which opportunities we should jump on. Photography has opened so many doors for us and I am constantly grateful for that. I'm learning more and more as time goes by that I would rather make less money doing what I love than making more money doing something I hate. (Granted, we still need to pay our bills). But we really cherish those around us and the amazing people in our lives take priority, we will never stop creating and making memories with those we love. We are so so grateful...2015 is going to be really really good.

Sorry about that rambling but it all comes back full circle, because Jeff and Natasha and their wedding made some of those things I said above even more clear to us. Photography is more than a job to me. It's an opportunity that I jumped on 5 years ago and it has never stopped bringing me joy. It has never stopped bringing me more opportunities to grow as an artist and as a human being. Jeff and Natasha believed in me and my work. They flew us across the globe to capture their story, what an opportunity! They pushed me to be better and to make images that I can be proud of, not because they said or told me to. But because they trusted me THAT much. It pushed me artistically in a way that I had never experienced before. And for that I am so thankful. This trip and this wedding will always remind me to never think small and to never take anything for granted. Life is for the living.

Some awesome vendors to recognize:

Florist: Chanele Rose Florist  // Dress: Grace Loves Lace // Cake: Amandas Cakes // Band: Hype Duo Band // Hair and Makeup: Sparkle hair and make up // Venue: The Sydney Polo Club // Bridesmaid Dresses: Urban Outfitters // Rental Cars: Classic Cars of America