Danielle + Isaac // Wedding

Wowzers am I ever in an editing hole. A beautiful hole full of awesome weddings waiting to be edited! I am not complaining one bit, because if I'm not at my desk for hours...I've been traveling around with my amazing husband making amazing memories. I've got a lot to be thankful for these days :)

So this wedding...oh man this wedding. Jordan and I arrived in Pennsylvania the day before the wedding at their family cabin in the woods and we were immediately welcomed into this family with open arms. We stepped into their family for the day and I couldn't be more excited about the images we produced because of it. Our job as wedding photographers is much more intimate than what people think. We are invited into some of the most intimate moments in a families' life and we are in the thick of it. There is something magical that happens when we've created that connection with people before we put a camera in their face. The moments become raw, unplanned, and authentic. That is what I strive for with every shoot, every wedding, and every time I pick up the camera. So I welcome you into this emotional day full of so much love, grace, and abounding joy. May you feel what everyone felt on that day...so so so many wonderful feelings.