Lindsay and Todd

Hello friends! Have I got a beautiful post for you today! I absolutely love shooting during this time of the year. Believe me, I love summer. But there are so many amazing tones outside right now... browns, yellows, reds. So many amazing colors that make my heart scream for joy! I also love this time of year because I can put a couple that is insanely in love out into a middle of a field and they will cuddle all over each other to keep warm. There is something magical about that in itself. Lindsay and Todd's session was so wonderful and I am unbelievably excited to shoot their wedding next year. We walked around the woods talking about all the things we have in common and I could tell they felt comfortable with me shoving my camera in their face. They trusted me wholeheartedly. It's crazy how my camera allows me to connect with people I would have never met otherwise, people that trust and love my work and then we make magic because of it. It's sessions like this that remind me why I love this job so much.