Alli + Kyle // Wedding Video

Oh man do I love my friends...and oh boy do I love when they have an amazing love story that we have the privilege of telling. When Alli and Kyle asked if Jordan and I would do their wedding video, we of course said "YES!" We looooove making videos, I mean it is Jordan's job after all :) But we could not feel more blessed to have had the opportunity to capture these moments in this way for our great friends (it is fun to tell stories in a little different way than I'm used to). And you know I love telling stories! :) So I wanted to share their wedding video that we created for them here! The amazing photographers Bobbi + Mike took their photos for the big day so make sure to check those out here. Disclaimer: Jordan and I don't do wedding videography full time but have truly loved getting to experiment on our very trusting friends! But who knows, maybe in the future :) Enjoy everyone!