Zach and Aspen // Engagement

Smiles are so contagious. Laughter is even more contagious. I think the world needs more smiles...more laughter...and more of these two because well...they are the definition of happiness. I don't think I've ever smiled and laughed so much on a photoshoot, and that is why I love these two so much. They know what is important in life - loving each other unconditionally, making each other laugh as much as possible, and they know how precious every moment of life is and to spend each of those moments living fully. Isn't it crazy how much I can learn about two people from just taking their pictures for 2 hours? So crazy...yet so amazing and so beautiful. How did I get so lucky again? Zach and Aspen...I feel so lucky to have had the privilege of photographing such an important part of your lives and I'm so sad that our paths didn't cross sooner at Goshen College because...well you two rock and I secretly want to be best friends :)

And please...never stop smiling!

For the second half of the shoot, we went to the exact place they got engaged...under the stars. Love it.