Getting to know the girl behind the lens // A New Series

(Photos by Studio Castillero)

Well good morning friends! I hope your week is starting out super stellar! But today I am going to introduce a new little series here on the blog. I post all the time about my clients, their awesomeness, and their love. And then a little bit about myself every once in a while but I want all of you to get to know me as much as possible! Especially for those people getting married who are wanting to know a little more about me as a person for hiring purposes! So this first post is just going to be some random facts. Enjoy folks!

* I used to be a hard core athlete (not so much anymore unfortunately). I was a swimmer for 10 years and played volleyball for 14 years. Yeah I was that girl that swam 6 hours a day and didn't shave her legs for 6 months. That's hard core right there :)

* Both of my parents are entrepreneurs and run their own businesses. It must run in the family :)

* My dad used to feed me pickles when I was little so I would make the sour face, now it's my favorite food!

* Speaking of food, tomatoes are my second favorite food and I can eat them as an apple...with a little bit of salt. Heavenly.

* I married a gamer...but I secretly love to play video games as well...and have played probably 8 hours of Minecraft this weekend.

* I love singing really loudly to every song whether I know the lyrics or not :)

* I was in 4-H for 10 years and probably my 4th year or so I did the Photography project to test it out and hated it :) haha I've clearly changed

* It's very common for me to eat 2 bowls of ice cream a day (preferably moosetracks)'s my favorite guilty pleasure and I have no intentions of stopping.

* I am huge sucker for chick flicks and a good romance story....actually that's probably no surprise considering my job! But I'm an even bigger sucker for true, amazing, and the real life love stories of my clients!

* I do really weird happy dances at photoshoots when I get a good shot...yeah I am really weird.

* In college I was known for my dance moves and my ability to win dance offs against my friends. Maybe that's why I dance at photoshoots :)

* I loooooove to cook and am thinking about blogging some recipes for all of you, along with pictures of course.

* I also looooove wine and love drinking it out of a mug...I'm not sure why so don't ask.

Well, I think that is enough about me for the day :) And feel free to make fun of me in the comment section, I love it! Love to you all!