The Juarez Family

Alright people... I have been excited to post these pictures for a while and you will soon know why. This has got to be the cutest family ever. Hands down. I posted a preview of this shoot on Facebook a while back and this is what I said along with the picture: "I take a lot of pictures of two people in love and that can be so powerful, but I don't think love gets any better or more overwhelming than this..."

Overwhelmed is definitely what I am feeling as I write this and I really don't think it gets any better than this. A husband and wife that are so in love and through that love they bring a small little dark haired human into the world...that is sooo amazing. It's also so amazing that I got to play a part and tell a piece of their story.... of this amazing and indescribable moment in this little family's story. I'm speechless. I want to look at these pictures every day, to remember why my job is so important and why it is such a gift to others and my very own family. Capture these moments people, and never let them go.

Kai made this face at me a will see :)

Also if you are interested in having family photos done, I don't think there is anything more beautiful than taking the photos in your nursery and home...the place where your baby first comes into the world and your life. I'm not a squishy face studio baby kind of photographer (I'm sure you already knew that). So if you are interested in family photos, keep that in mind! I love you all!