Anna and Zac // Engagement

Holy crap these two are amazing. That is the first thing that came to mind when whipping up this blog post. I have known both Anna and Zac for a while, we went to college together but at that time I knew them both individually. Now that they are engaged and planning a future together... their level of amazingness just skyrocketed to a whole new level. These are two people that were made for each other. I got goose bumps when he brushed her hair back behind her ear. I giggled like a fool when he would kiss the top of her head. Every photo I took, it was like I was imposing on such special and intimate moments...and I loved every second of it. Like I said, these two were made for each other and I think in that way... their new life together is going to be insane. Insanely amazing. Congrats you two! You made my camera very very happy.

A big thank you to The Farmhouse Weddings for letting me use their venue as a wonderful backdrop. I'd shoot there every day if I could :)