Vegas and Florida Vacation Recap

Welp, I have officially been back from vacation for a little over 2 weeks so this is a little late! Better late than never right? :) Oh vacation, I can't express how much you rejuvenated me and inspired me for the things to come in 2012. If you are ever in a slump and feeling extremely overwhelmed with life, I highly recommend packing a bag and going somewhere! It doesn't matter where, it could even be down the street!

My wonderful husband and I chose to go to Vegas for a photography conference and then on to Florida for some beach/family time to rejuvenate our souls. And boy did it work. We met some amazing people, danced around in the desert, walked the Vegas strip, learned tons at some workshops, breathed in the warm air, chilled with family, read books, got sunburn, played shuffle board, and many other things. But the thing I loved most about vacation was just living it. We lived! We enjoyed ourselves, didn't focus on work, took pictures for fun, remembered why we love life, and loved spending every waking moment together (me and the husband that is). :) Those are the reasons why I loved our vacation.

And now that we are back; I am reading more books, chilling with family, getting sunburn, walking around our neighborhood, going on bike-rides, and many other things. I am remembering how to live life more abundantly with the people I love whether I am on "vacation" or not and I am loving every second of it.

Enjoy some snippets from the trip!

The pictures were either taken on my iphone, Canon 5dm2, or my cute little Black Slim Devil film camera.

Next stop: Tampa, Florida

The closest I've ever been to the Grand Canyon, if it's this beautiful from up above - I can't imagine how beautiful it is on the ground. Next vacation?

Met up with some old friends in Tampa. You've probably seen pictures of the little cutie below. She was the flower girl in our wedding :)

The rest of our vacation was spent in Clearwater, Florida with Jordan's side of the family.

There is an alligator in the photo below. In case you were wondering :)