Wild: “living in a state of nature”

Born in the raised in the Midwest, I've always been a lover of nature. The changing seasons throughout the year have always brought me great joy because of its constant ability to keep me changing and growing as a woman, wife, sister, and now mother. 

I started out my journey as an artist photographing weddings, families, and couples. I still do that from time to time and I find great joy in capturing the stories of those around me...the beauty, the messy, and the love. Every story is unique and deserves being captured. 

While living out my own story, I have come to love incorporating my obsession for nature into my home...a place where I spend a lot of time as an entrepreneur and stay at home/work from home mom. Whether that means hanging plants from the ceiling in every room or combining different fibers into a work of art, I found an outlet that I absolutely love in Macrame and Fiber art. This shop is where I experiment with these different forms of art and where I can hopefully bring some of that same joy and aesthetic to your own home.

Visit my Etsy shop to see what pieces I have available.

I currently have a studio space in downtown Goshen at The Local Gallery. You can tour my work space, shop some of my pieces, attend workshops, and see the works of over 50 other local artists in Goshen Indiana! www.thelocal.gallery